Better Together Baking Co. – Dark Chocolate Espresso & Caramel Brownies

Better Together Baking  was founded when the owner Todd was buried in spreadsheets and decided he wasn’t about that office life anymore! He moved to Philly with his wife and made it their mission to create classic American treats high quality, pure ingredients. Sugar, butter, vanilla – nothing artificial here. I’m partial to any chocolate […]

Strawberry Recipes: Pancakes, Lemonade, Salad, Margaritas & Poundcake

I saw on my feed that it was CA Strawberry Day (amidst piles of endless snow)! I decided to bring in a little bit of spring cheer by sharing some of my favorite strawberry recipes over the years. If you can’t tell from below, strawberries are one of my absolute favorites! And I’m looking over […]