Jitter Free Coffee: MCT Oil & Cacao with Metabrew

:::My quest for good coffee continues::: Coffee to me is like wine – so many varieties, flavors and ways to produce the end product…you never stop learning and discovering new ones! Above, is a total first for me…jitter-free coffee?! Here’s the details on Metabrew::: The founders of Metabrew survived the hustle and bustle of NYC on 2 liters […]

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – the only recipe you’ll need!

{Bulletproof Coffee} was created by Dave Asprey (American entrepreneur, author and one of the first to “exploit” the Internet by selling caffeine molecule t-shirts in 1994 and he also sounds a little nuts/awesome!) He posted the recipe and its benefits back in 2011 and just now the recipe is suddenly popping up on every social […]