Originally launched as a cooking page in 2009, I started to feature bits and pieces of my beauty / skincare, lifestyle / wellness and of course …coffee! Product reviewer extraordinaire, I’ve become obsessed with curating my favorites (and hopefully some of yours now too)!

After interning for The Rachael Ray Show in 2006, my love for food and coffee only grew further. I also ran through Manhattan for Diddy, working in his 1710 Broadway executive office which included buying him every rider item imaginable (minus cheesecake), worked with some of the TOP women in the industry and saw firsthand the can’t stop, won’t stop mentality. No really, some of them slept in the office and worked 24/7. I was confused where I fit in. I had a professor show us a Food Wishes video in class and I was hooked – you could film yourself eating food and people would watch it?! Like Food Network but in your own kitchen?! I immediately went home and entered a Paula Dean cooking contest on YouTube for Peach Cobbler (it’s still live on YT in all its glory, fantastic sound/video quality and all). From there, I uploaded my favorite original recipes and the rest is history (check them all out on YouTube.com/CaitlinCooks). I won another contest from a PF Changs chain, they bought me my first Flip camera and I filmed cooking videos every night after college. I’m so thankful to have collaborated with The Real Housewives, Christina Milian, Perez Hilton and reviewed thousands of amazing beauty, food and wellness companies, celebrities and restaurants. I love attending trade shows and food events to uncover delicious and chic trends. It never became a career, but I am forever thankful for all of the amazing experiences I have had as a result of this page. I’m also forever a work in progress and believe all women, especially Moms, need to put their health, wellness (and sanity) first. Hope you find that my page is a good little outlet to do that 🙂

Contact 📧 : caitlin@coffeebreakxo.com

***Disclaimer:: All products featured on my page are my own personal opinions and reviews,nothing is paid or advertised unless specifically noted**

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