Happy Halloween!! My favorite Halloween candy this year…




Spicy caramel skulls from Veruca Chocolates are my favorite pick this season! You think it’s just an average caramel filling until the spicy pop of heat hits you at the end. It pairs wonderfully with the caramel and is not too overpowering. Their pumpkin truffle is artfully painted with a splash of orange and glittering edible gold. The skulls and bones are a scary mix of crunchy dark and milk chocolates.


These peanut butter honey truffles from Hedonist Chocolates are designed by a local artist. They’re a lux, rich version of your average boring old peanut butter cup.



I love the signature blue packaging on French Broad Chocolates and what’s inside is even better. Their pumpkin truffles are filled with a pumpkin spice Grenache and carefully dipped in white or dark chocolate.

I’m going as “cheese”, I found this shirt on http://www.zazzle.com


And my best friend is going as a mouse:


Happy Halloween xoxoxo


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