Onyx Coffee Lab


Ah, coffee. Espresso. Freshly roasted, rich and dark with a touch of cream. How would a new Mom survive working full-time without you? I love coffee. Coffee brewing. Coffee tasting. Coffee talking. Love it! And I discovered a company that loves it equally as much as I do! Every single coffee bean selected by Onyx Lab has a unique tasting note when brewed and has been sourced using a combination of art, science and (very important to me) ethical trading standards.
Each coffee is crafted by roasting batches under 20lbs (no bulk roasting). Organic practices help owners Jon and Andrea put their beliefs into practice. At their Springdale, Arkansas location they even host weekly cuppings, brewing classes, a home roasters association and a group of educated, passionate baristas!


Above, is the Roaster Sample Box, my favorite product that they carry ($25). There are 4 (4 oz) bags of fresh, seasonal coffee beans.


The Ethiopian Misty Valley has been a part of my morning routine. The notes are black cherry, blueberry, coffee blossom and condensed milk. It is processed naturally by being sundried.


A small dash of cream, and I’m ready for a busy day! To check them out head on over to http://onyxcoffeelab.com

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