Coco Cafe

Espresso. I can’t live a single day without it. Rich, dark concentrated coffee made from a pure blend of beans. And the burst of caffeine! Omg! Is it really that bad for you if you drink it every single day (sometimes 2-3x’s)? They do it in Italy and Paris, right?! And they’re all healthy and skinny and everything over there…so?! So…I have no problem admitting to you guys right now that I have a slight addiction to espresso. Long nights of filming/editing and I may even be a self-admitted coffee hoarder, stashing it away for emergencies. Here’s a never before seen pic of my secret stash:

Have you heard that coffee dries out your skin/makes you dehydrated? Solution!
Coco Cafe = coconut water + 1 shot of strong espresso + a splash of reduced-fat milk. I heard a few friends talking about it when it first came out and I’m (clearly) a huge fan! It tastes great super-cold and stored in the fridge, but it’s equally as good (if you’re a hoarder like myself) stored in your desk šŸ˜‰
100% organic.




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